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ADIDAS X 16.1 - Speed of Light Pack

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Colour: Red
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  • ADIDAS X 16.1 FG/AG - Speed of Light Pack

    The speed of light is 299.792.458 m/s - a speed barely comprehensible, by any means of comparison. adidas is now ready to launch the Speed of Light Pack, designed to light up the pitch and to enable you to showcase your unfathomable skills - in a vibrant selection of colors. With the Speed of the Light Pack the opponent has no chance of understanding what is happening before it's too late!

    The ADIDAS X is made for the player who wants to be in the spotlight and wants to cause chaos. The player that will use unimaginably speed to get the first touch on the ball. The player will destroy any defence by creating total chaos and confusion. For the player that changes the game and closes the show. The opponents will not believe their eyes, but the score never lies.

    • A brand new generation of the X
    • A part of the Speed of Light Pack
    • Techfit compression upper - Weight 213 grams
    • X is used by players such as Gareth Bale, Luis Suárez and Karim Benzema
    • Revolutionary stud system, which makes it able for you to use the boots on natural and artificial grass

    One-piece upper gives that extra advantage
    X16.1 is made with a Techfit compression upper from a single piece of material, which shapes perfectly around your foot, from the very first step. This gives a tight and individual fit, which offers a incredible comfort, while also minimizes the time you need to break-in to the boots. The Techfit compression upper is made from a single piece, you get a tight unique feeling and touch on the ball. Thanks to this, your feet are offered the best possible condition to perform, at explosive speeds. The upper is coated with a thin layer of adidas’ unique NGS-technology. NGS stands for Non-Stop Grip and is small 3D dots that gives extra grip and full control of the ball in all kinds of weather.

    Unique heel construction
    The PureChaos heel construction ensures that the boot is kept locked onto your foot, securing you full control and confidence when making swiftly changes of direction. Allowing to show a dynamic and agile style of play, while providing you with all the support needed. The specially woven piece by the Achilles tendon is called the Midcut. The Midcut gives you a superior stability and freedom to play.

    Redesigned Sprintframe outsole
    PureChaos is equipped with a re-designed edition of the adidas Sprintframe. The original Sprintframe outsole was featured on the popular adidas F50, where the low profile kept you close to the pitch for optimal grip. What makes this outsole so popular is its lightness and the flexibility, that provides both support and stability. This is especially important when making quick turns and rapid changes in directions and speed. The studs continues being a hybrid between FG and AG, allowing you to use the boot on several different pitches.

    Weight: 213 grams.

    This FG/AG boot is made for firm ground surfaces such as natural grass and artificial grass.