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  • PUMA evoPOWER 1.3

    PUMAs evoPOWER collection, is the go-to collection when you are looking for raw power and extreme touch on the ball.

    evoPOWER is designed to allow the player experience something that is close to playing in bare feet. It does so by mimicking the foot's natural movements, when you are striking the ball - and by finding that perfect balance between power and precision. With the evoPOWER 1.3 you can take the chance at every opportunity. 

    • All new generation of the evoPOWER
    • AdapLite upper – weighing only 211 grams
    • Worn by players like Cesc Fàbregas, Yaya Toure, Olivier Giroud and Gianluigi Buffon

    Ultimate flexibilty with Adaptlite upper

    The innovative AdapLite upper has a unique one-way stretch, that goes along the length of the boot - bending the same way your feet does. This ensures you can get an effective transfer of power from your feet to the ball, when kicking it. Furthermore it enhances the boots ability to withstand the pressure and tension, that the boot is exposed to during play. The upper is coated with GripTex, that increases the friction between ball and boot. Allowing for a much better touch on the ball, in all weather conditions. The front of the boot is a high-pressure area, protected by an xtra layer of rubber thereby making the evoPOWER able to withstand that added pressure - heightening the strength and durability. 

    AccuFoam for increased precision

    PUMA's engineers have developed a material known as AccuFoam which works as an inner lining under the upper. These small foampads work to even out little bumps and shapes in your foot's anatomy to help give you a larger and cleaner strike surface, which therefore ensures greater precision. Furthermore the boots tongue is padded, allowing for more power in your kicks. 

    New Pebax outer sole with gradual stability frame

    The ultra light Pebax outer sole is equipped with PUMA’s Gradual Stability Frame on the middle foot, it acts like the spine of the boot - ensuring both stability and flexibility. The DuoFlex grooves on the front part, acts together with the Adaplite upper and the GSF - so that movement is as close to the foot's natural movement as possible. The studs are a blend of bladed and conical studs. The bladed studs ensure maximum penetration of the pitch surface and stability, as they are placed in a zizag pattern to distribute the pressure and tension most evenly. The conical studs enables you to do quick turns and sharp dribles. An anatomical insole with a layer of shock absorbing foam, ensures that you are comfortable by distributing pressure and tension evenly across the boot. 

    Weight: 211 grams

    A FG boot, designed for play on firm pitches - like natural grass.

  • Puma / Boot Conversion Chart

    The label inside of each shoe includes US sizing information, as well as UK, Europe, and cm values.

    The chart below is information presented on the label inside of Puma's football boots. If you don't know which shoe size is appropriate, you may want to measure your foot. Footwear offered in Australia are sold in US sizes.

    US/AUS UK EU cm
    6.0 5.0 38.0 24.0
    6.5 5.5 38.5 24.5
    7.0 6.0 39.0 25.0
    7.5 6.5 40.0 25.5
    8.0 7.0 40.5 26.0
    8.5 7.5 41.0 26.5
    9.0 8.0 42.0 27.0
    9.5 8.5 42.5 27.5
    10.0 9.0 43.0 28.0
    10.5 9.5 44.0 28.5
    11.0 10.0 44.5 29.0
    11.5 10.5 45.0 29.5
    12.0 11.0 46.0 30.0
    12.5 12.0 47.0 31.0
    13.0 13.0 48.5 31.5