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UMBRO Medusae Pro

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Colour: White
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  • UMBRO Medusae Pro

    Medusae is an all new collection, build upon the very best from Umbro. It excels in three key areas: fusion of classic and modern, touch is everything and comfort is essential. Medusae is the result and a blend of Umbro’s control- and speed boots, giving you the best of everything. A boot for the player that wants to dominate the pitch with a touch out of this world and outrun the defenders.

    • All new boot from Umbro
    • Hybrid upper - weight: 189 grams

    Innovative hybrid upper made from kangaroo leather and mesh

    The Medusae is designed with a front part made from premium leather, that fits smoothly on your feet giving you the ultimate touch. The mid foot and a part of the back is made from mesh, for low weight and added support. On the heel a piece of leather ensures higher comfort, while the anatomically designed heel top reduces pressure points.

    A-Frame for ultimate lockdown

    Umbro have developed their A-Frame design, which gives increased stability and security around the midfoot. In addition the boot is made with an external heel counter, which provides better support and comfort. The added lockdown effect makes sure you are firmly placed in the boot and can get maximal power in your play

    Flexible and aggressive outsole

    Medusae is made with a light Pebax outsole, which is crafted in one piece. The Pebax sole has special flex-grooves that increase flexibility considerably and provide you with that extra bit of agility on the pitch. In addition the boot has a unique stud-configuration, which adds more flex points in all directions. The stud-configuration is a mixture of conical and bladed studs, which means you get the ideal blend of an aggressive grip and agile manoeuvrability. The removeable insole is anatomically designed, being perforated for optimum airflow for your feet.

    Weight: 189 grams

    This HG boot is made for hard ground surfaces such as natural grass & artificial turf.

  • Umbro / Boot Conversion Chart

    The label inside of each shoe includes US sizing information, as well as UK, Europe, and cm values.

    The chart below is information presented on the label inside of Umbro's football boots. If you don't know which shoe size is appropriate, you may want to measure your foot. Footwear offered in Australia are sold in US sizes.

    US/AUS UK EU cm
    7.0 6.0 40.0 25.0
    7.5 6.5 40.5 25.5
    8.0 7.0 41.0 26.0
    8.5 7.5 41.5 26.5
    9.0 8.0 42.0 27.0
    9.5 8.5 43.0 27.5
    10.0 9.0 44.0 28.0
    10.5 9.5 44.5 28.25
    11.0 10.0 45.0 29.0
    11.5 10.5 45.5 29.5
    12.0 11.0 46.0 30.0
    13.0 12.0 47.5 31.0
    13.5 12.5 48.0 31.5
    14.0 13.0 48.5 32

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